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Gaia Secrets Skin Elixir: Non-Caffeinated Herbal Tea Blend


Skin Boosting Blend of 10 Organic Herbs with Zero Additives

...Do you enjoy drinking non-caffeinated herbal teas, but not into "drinking hot water that tastes like hay" - or getting loaded with synthetic fragrances to really enjoy the taste?

...If you realize how much power natural herbs deliver and your taste buds crave deep, sweet and beautiful flavours of Mother Earth while staying away from any artificial ingredients whatsoever,

...Then we've got the perfect herbal blend for you!
Not only it smells divine 
and tastes absolutely delicious, it's the ultimate herbal blend to help you look and feel even more beautiful and confident about yourself. 

This unique tea blend, exclusive to Gaia Secrets literally wipes off few years off how your skin looks!

We proudly named it "The Skin Elixir", and here is why: 

Our skin boosting tea elixir is a combination of 10 powerful organic herbs and berries, packed full of anti-oxidants fighting against harmful free radicals that cause the visible signs of ageing.

Hey did we mention it tastes and smells better than probably any other tea blend you came across in last few years? Yes, it is a strong statement - and we proudly stand by it. Can't wait to hear what you say once you try it! 

Top Benefits Include:

  • Great for treating Acne and blemishes,
  • Calming skin irritations
  • Relieving mental stress and anxiety
  • Mild aphrodisiac properties

We invite you to take a trip to spring blooming flowers field and experience sweet tranquillity while Lavender reduces skin inflammation, Rose delivers potent anti-aging antioxidants and exotic Gynostemma mildly stimulates the release of toxins leaving your skin pure and radiant!