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Gaia Secrets The Ultimate Brightening Treatment Serum - FarmOrganica
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Gaia Secrets The Ultimate Brightening Treatment Serum


Best For Treating Dark Spots, Age Spots And Hyperpigmentation. 100% Naturally Derived With Vitamin C & Natural AHA Fruit Acids

It is not secret that exposure sun leaves the worst age-related consequences on your skin. In fact, UV Rays are accounted for 80% of skin ageing.

As you age and get more accumulated sun exposure you will, if not already notice a tremendous increase in dark spots overall your face and body.

Knowing all this we formulated a 100% Natural High-Performance Treatment that will deliver the most potent active ingredients available in skin care to heal your pigmented and damaged skin.

Size: 30 ml
Recommended for: All Skin Types, Pigmented Skin and Uneven Skin Tone.