Halvas is a traditional Greek sweet, prepared from sesame seeds which are ground to make tahini, to which sugar is added, following a special procedure, which includes kneading by hand. Almonds, chocolate or cranberry are further additions, giving a singular taste to this delicious sweet. Halvas Drapetsonas Kosmidi Gavrili is considered the best in Greece since 1924 and is still prepared with the traditional method in their artisan workshop in the neighbourhood of Drapetsona, close to Piraeus, from where it is delivered all over the world. Halvas is not only tasty but also very healthy, as it contains ingredients which are beneficial for the heart and the skeletal system, lower cholesterol and antioxidants which contribute to all over well being. Halvas Drapetsonas comes in a variety of delicious flavours. We can't wait for you to try them all.

Halvas Drapetsonas (6)

Halvas Drapetsonas with Pistachio


Halvas Drapetsonas with Vanilla Classic


Halvas Drapetsonas with Almonds


Halvas Drapetsonas Tahini Almonds & Cranberry


Halvas Drapetsonas Tahini Cocoa & Biscuit


Halvas Drapetsonas with Cocoa